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소녀시대 [Girl's Generation]

Male Idols cross-dress (Daesung beats them all)


you would think after so many years, sm would finally chill with the fireworks

jungsis ;u;


1800 x 1200


1800 x 1200

I Got A Boy Era (inspired by x x)

M as in Mr.Mr

M as in Mr.Mr

# OT9


“If there’s something you want to do, then that means you have a goal. But that goal may change as you live. You never know when your interests may change direction, so always anticipate it, day by day.”
— happy birthday best leader in the world, one and only kim taeyeon. #26thTaeyeonDay

happy birthday taeyeon! and bless baekhyun’s fanboy heart

lucky fanboy ;;

Billboard declares SNSD as the world’s greatest girl group 



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mr. mr. dance scenes

SNSD - Mr. Mr.